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If you are an existing Neubreed client and have any technical questions, please visit our Support center and submit a ticket.

If you are unable to access the support site you can email us on support@neubreed.com.au

Complete all fields in as much detail as possible - the more details of your problem that you can give us, the faster we will be able to address and resolve the issue.

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Email and Hosting

If you are a hosted with Neubreed, you can access your emails by typing "webmail" infront of your website address. For example https://yourdomain.com.au:20000.

You may be prompted with a "Your connection is not private" message, this is only if your website does not have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, you can ignore this message if it comes up and select to proceed.

You will then be presented with a login which is your first part of your email address follow bya full stop "." and then the first part of your domain name (for example, the username for the email address would be admin.yourwebsite)

If you have lost or forgotten your password please click the "Submit a ticket" button above.

For details on setting up your email set-up instructions please see the following links:

Application Operating system Link
Outlook Windows Tutorial
Thunderbird Windows/Mac OS Tutorial
iPhone Mail iOS Tutorial
Mac Mail Mac OS Tutorial

9 times out of 10 your site may not be down except for anyone but yourself, please confirm your internet is not having issues, if you have made it to this site, then that might not be the case.

One last check you can run is to visit https://currentlydown.com/ and type in your website address.

If your website shows as being down, please click the submit a ticket button above.

Another reason your website could be down is if it was disabled due to either going over the storage/bandwidth limit, or an unpaid hosting renewal. Please be aware of this when sibmitting a ticket

Please don't take these emails lightly, your website will be disabled automatically by our system if it reaches the storage limit. This could just be due to your email being full, so in most cases, you can go through your inbox and delete some larger emails with attachments that are taking up space.

You should also make sure that your email account is not leaving old emails on the server, you can change this so it will delete the old emails after XX amount of days.

If you would like to dicuss your options, please submit a ticket or call us.

We have a ticketing system that allows you to use a different email address, please visit out support center by clicking the link below and submit a ticket using any email address you have that works (e.g Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc...).

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If you do not have access to a secondary email please feel free give us a call on (02) 8007 0218


Still require assistance or didnt find what you were looking for? please visit our contact page or submit a ticket below.

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If you have a domain name registered through us, you can update your name servers, contact details and make changes by accessing the domain name management console below.

If you have forgotten your domain password, please email us on support@neubreed.com.au and we will send your password through to you

Access domain management console

If you have a general enquiry or are an exisiting client to get some further work done on your website, please visit our contact page or feel free to give us a call on (02) 8006 3402.

We are located in Crows Nest, NSW and we are open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

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