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Our email marketing software

We've built our own web-based email marketing software, EmailSend.

EmailSend has been purpose-built to handle any sized marketing campaign.

Businesses of all sizes use EmailSend's powerful features to manage and measure their email campaigns.

Create targeted subscriber lists

EmailSend allows you to create multiple subscriber lists, enabling you to customise and target your campaigns to specific lists. EmailSend also features a bulk import, whereby you can add subscribers to a list via .csv file upload.

Create & send email campaigns

EmailSend lets you create emails easily through our text editor. You can check your handywork by sending a test to just yourself, or to subscribers in a test list. Once it's ready, you can select which lists to send your campaign to and schedule a send time for distribution.

Powerful real time reporting

With EmailSend's real-time reporting, you can see how many opens and clicks your campaign received, at what time of the day they were made and who by. You can also view unsubscribes as well as email bounces.

Emailsend is free to try, so head on over to our website and give it a test run
Click here

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