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Marketplace websites

An online marketplace is best described as a multichannel ecommerce site. Some of the best examples of a marketplace website are eBay, Amazon and Airbnb where products or services are provided or offered by multiple other third parties and the transactions are processed via the marketplace website. Transactions are processed by the marketplace operator i.e you.

Neubreed specialise in custom development projects covering a vast array of applications. If you are thinking about building a directory or market place website, our staff have the expertise to step you through the planning process. Whether you want to list real estate for sale, create a dating platform or offer a directory of services to a niche industry we can help.

What's involved in a marketplace website?

Essentially, a marketplace site allows users - normally they pay on a subscription basis, to list their profiles and or products. Depending on the application the site will determine what might go into these profiles. For example, if it's a real estate portal perhaps an agent has paid a yearly or monthly fee to be able to list all of his properties, has the ability to upload a bio about himself and company along with information on past sales etc. If the website is for people to be able to create personal profiles for a dating website for example obviously the profile may be much more involved.

Search and user experience

A successful marketplace website will be centred around User eXperience. When a user arrives on the site looking for a match to their needs, a clear and easy to use search filtering system should be in place. If you get to the website and its not crystal clear straight away on what to click on in order to get the information the user is looking for you will lose the customer as they continue their search for another website that quickly allows them to find the information they seek. User eXperience is a critical element in determining the websites success and we address this in the project management phase.

Project management is key

Project management is very much a part of every website we develop at Neubreed and it's crucial on marketplace websites. We will sit with you to review the proposed site plan, consider site structure and information design, review content requirements, site navigation and user experience and develop wire frames so a clear blue print of your project is developed far before any design work is carried out.

How unique are you?

Each and every marketplace website is unique and offers its own answers to the needs of its users. We work closely with you to understand the unique selling point to your business, understand the questions your business has the answers to and get to clearly understand your target market and demographic so the site is geared towards them.

All budgets

Marketplace websites can vary in size, needs and of course budgets. We work closely with you to help you to develop an affordable plan to roll out your website. Whether you want to come out of the gates with all the bells and whistles or you are looking for a staged roll out, we can help you to plan your marketplace website.

If you have any questions about our range of web design and development services or would like to know more about what we can do for your business, please call (02) 8006 3402 or contact us as we'd love hear your ideas.