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What is Google insights?

Posted 19/November/2009 by neubreed

For those of you who are unfamiliar with insights, it's something worth taking a look at.

Insights is a free google tool that can help you narrow your keywords down by showing you the popularity of specific terms. If you're familiar with google trends, then insights will be easy for you to use.

Think of google insights as trends on steroids! More advanced in its nature, the information can be invaluable for your business.

Insights can be used by businesses of any size. Individuals, small business and even large corporates can aid their marketing activity through such an easy to use, knowledge tool.

Google insights can help you determine which markets are the strongest for your product. If your product is local, seek out keywords by state. If you service the country, search country wide. And if you're global, you can determine keyword interest in your product globally, by country.

You can find out more by typing 'insights' into google.