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Why the right logo is important for a company

Posted 30/November/2012 by neubreed

A logo is defined as a company's symbol that identifies its products, services and overall image. A logo is alternately referred to as the trademark, emblem, brand, insignia, symbol, among other terms. Your logo is how your customers will know you by just like the golden arches of McDonalds or the bitten apple of Apple. Visual symbols usually make up a logo because they are more memorable than words. Picking the right logo for your company can relay your product or service to the market as it conveys professionalism and credibility.

When working with a logo design company for your own logo, remember that there are three types, the symbol, the text, and a combination of both. You should have an open mind when selecting the best logo design for your company. Some companies go through thousands of images and words and even set up focus groups to test whether their logo will be easily remembered by people. The most important element of your logo is its ability to represent you so that people know that the brand they are looking at is yours.

Consider how your logo will look when printed on huge billboards as well as on a tiny business card as clear visibility, is what will get your logo immediately recognised. Once you have selected your logo, consistency is the key to creating awarenes. Make sure you use it in all your business communications and that all your employees are aware of it. Facsimile transfers are in black and white so you need to make sure your logo looks good in black and white.

Your printing costs will be affected by the number of colours you use on your logo. Huge companies have two-colour logos that work well for them and some have full-colour ones. So while colour may be an important design element, it is the idea behind the logo plus the product or service it represents that matters most. Perhaps the biggest challenge for logo designers is making sure that the logo is unique and that people will be able to immediately associate it with your company alone. Your logo designer should be able to come up with a design that has never been used anywhere before to save you from copyright issues in the future.