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Gaining more customers through email marketing

Posted 02/April/2013 by neubreed

Many online businesses have realised success from taking advantage of email marketing campaigns to retain customers and to attract new ones. If you feel you are not fully maximising your email marketing system, then it may be wise to consult a professional with a good history of launching successful email marketing campaigns.

The right professional knows how to launch time-sensitive campaigns such as vouchers or sales promos targeting customers on their mobile devices. Almost everyone owns a smart phone or a tablet PC and can access email anytime, making instant email promos and offerings quite enticing. Offer a lunch or dinner promo that is easily redeemable and watch your sales soar.

Nevertheless, on targeting people on their mobile devices, you need to keep in mind that being on the go, customers on their mobile devices would not want to be bothered with too much graphics and beating around the bush. It is best to keep the promo simple with the call to action being the first thing they see without having to scroll down the page. Next time they will remember that your emails are easy on the eyes and will open it instead of instantly deleting it.

Ask your developer to link your email campaign to your social media channels. This will ensure that the people in your mailing list will see your social content. The fact that they consented to receiving emails from you suggests that they will be inclined to know about your social media activities as well.

Consumers today are quite bored with new product offerings and the constant sales pitches. They would often appreciate useful information about topics that concern them and maybe just a little sales push. This is another way to pique the interest of your customers.

Your choice of web development company may also have plenty of expertise to offer on email marketing. With studies suggesting that 92 percent of adult internet customers maintaining at least one email account, a well thought out email campaign may just be a viable way to generate higher revenue.