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Reduce costs with email marketing

Posted 19/June/2014 by vicky

We all know the importance of a solid digital strategy to handle all of your online marketing such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and managed PPC pay per click campaigns but quite often email marketing is overlooked by small businesses

Reduce Costs. Of course one of the things every business wants to do from small business to enterprise is reduce costs. E-Mail marketing when correctly planned and executed is a very cost effective way of reaching customers in comparison to other advertising mediums such as SEO for example.

E-Mail marketing can provide you with even further cost reductions and savings on print and distribution, administration costs etc

Its marketing your clients actually want. Your clients have registered to sign up to your newsletter via your website which means they are interested in your brand product and/or service. Targeting your marketing at those who are actually interested in your brand increases the chance of conversion.

You don’t have to do the work.  Our fully-managed solution is designed for companies who need a complete marketing solution. Upon consultation with your business and determination of goals, Neubreed will develop a campaign strategy, design and send the campaign, then hand you a comprehensive report on campaign completion.

Your clients share. With the click of a button your clients can share you promotion with friends or colleagues increasing your reach even further!

Tracking results. With EmailSend's (Neubreed’s custom email marketing software) real-time reporting, you can see how many opens and clicks your campaign received, at what time of the day they were made and who by. You can also view unsubscribes as well as email bounces

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