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What will a website cost me?

Posted 24/July/2014 by vicky

Oh yes the age old question! What will your business idea cost you to turn it into a website?

Well I think it’s stating the obvious to say how long’s a piece of string. Meaning, it all depends on what you want your site to look like, if you need branding and logo design,  if you just require a small business website as a reference point for clients, will you require email marketing, are you looking for blogs, forum’s, directories, search filters, custom applications etc.

One factor when working out a plan for your website and trying to plan for the correct budget is working out which framework you will build your site on.  There are a lot of platforms out there which will suit you as a small business right through to a custom application.

We build Drupal websites and one big misconception is that the average small business can’t afford a Drupal website or that it will be too complex to use. The reason this theory is there is because Drupal is traditionally known as being the preferred platform for large organisations like banks, government organisations etc. – in fact even the White House was built in Drupal! The truth is, Drupal is such a great tool even for small business because you can start with a basic 4 page website with simply text, images and an enquiry form and end up with a directory website or have complex custom applications added to your site all without having to redevelop your website.

Drupal is also really user friendly for you as the Administrator. You don’t need to be a web developer to  be able to manage your content, basic computer skills will see you through once our Drupal developers have customised the interface for you so the site integrity is always kept but will allow you to still manage the content.

So the cost I hear you asking, without a face to face meeting to scope the project out a cost cannot really be worked out other than rough ball park figures. A custom designed small business website built on the Drupal framework can be developed for as little as around $4.5k - $8k and this will have you set up on a scalable platform that allows your business to grow and flow into different directions over time.

Want more? A more customised business website can range anywhere from around $7k - $15k. Add custom applications, databases, direcrtories etc and you will be looking at $25k +. 

If you would like to have a chat about your project to understand the costs and processes involved, call us today on 8007 0218 or pop in and brief us on your idea!