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Giving the people what they want

Posted 21/August/2014 by vicky

When you engage a website designer to showcase your business online sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with the website design and functionality you want the web developer to build into the site for you but what’s really important is what your customers expect to find on your website.

Elevator pitch. Yes people, there’s no escaping it, even online! Remember the customer has landed on your website from looking for your product or service on a search engine and have just clicked on a link. Now they are on your website they need to know if they have found the right website to help them. You need to tell the user who you are, what you do, why you’re unique and why they should buy from you.

Content is king..but not too much of it! The key to user engagement is great copy. Clearly conveying your messages without losing the engagement of the user with too much copy. Consider professional copywriting services for this. A copywriter is not attached to your business in the same way you are so they can easily write effective copy that is search engine friendly.

Show them your authority. The user is looking for reasons on your website to either choose you as their supplier of the product or service or a competitor so you need to show them that you are the authority in your field. This can be done in many varied ways such as client testimonials, industry awards, case studies, providing resources such as helpful blog articles etc.

Make them stare. Yes the user is looking for information on your service or products, but if your site is ugly, and outdated how can they trust that you are the “go to” company for the product or service? You need to invest in a website design that shows the user you are invested in your business. A custom website design that grabs their attention is more likely to keep them on your site and increases the chance for conversion.

Help them don’t sell them. We don’t want to be sold at when we go to a website even if we have gone to that site to look at buying from it! Be helpful, not pushy. Let the website do the work for you by providing helpful information and tease the user with almost enough information but not enough that they won’t follow through and call or contact you!

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