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With so many local web designers, how do you compare them?

Posted 26/August/2014 by vicky

At Neubreed the majority of our clients are based in Sydney- where we are, and the reason for that is I believe we always feel most comfortable when we can use a local supplier when looking to establish a long term business relationship.

With so many local web designers in Sydney however, how do you choose the right one?

Firstly, get some eye contact. That’s right, meet them, have a chat. Talk to your potential new designer, you can also take this opportunity to meet the web developers and other members of their team. Getting along and feeling like you have met a team that understands you requirements and more importantly your business is key to a long standing relationship.

Who’s asking the questions? When choosing the right web designer another thing to weigh up is if you have to prompt them to tell you what you should be asking. A good web designer is a consultant. They should be able to listen to your ideas and thoughts, understand your business and your ideas and let you know what they need to know. They should ask you questions regarding things you hadn’t even considered which are imperative to the success of your project. At the end of a chat with a great web designer you should be buzzing with creative inspiration!

Style. The next and of course obvious step in choosing the right designer is looking at their design capabilities. Looking at the style of a designer is not all about whether you like the look of their sites. Have a look at the website they have designed and take the time to read what that business is about and how well they have managed to brand that business online, does the design clearly convey the messages to the end user.

Process. Ensure the designer offers information on their process and what is involved from quoting your project through to delivery and their client management processes.

Resources. Future proof your project. Find out what services the designer offers after the initial development phase, can they look after you long term. Do they have the technical expertise to add custom applications and develop additional functionality? Do they offer marketing services etc. If you are going to choose a designer for the long haul you want to make sure they have you covered.

You will notice I didn’t mention price and the reason for that is having a professional website designed is about far more than the cost but rather all the contributing factors mentioned above and if you are happy with all of those things and the price then it sounds like you have found your web designer match.