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Why a web design company might not take on your project.

Posted 29/September/2014 by vicky

As a web design company we feel it is our responsibility to educate our clients and to make sure they will succeed from their business as well as provide our services to them. Sometimes clients come to us and have been on the web design quote gauntlet and often feel confused as to why some web design companies won’t take their project on.

This can be for many reasons, sometimes the agency may just not have the time or resources, they may not be able to take on the project and match with the client budget or in some cases it’s because the business idea isn’t viable and as web designers and web developers we don’t want to see our clients fail, we want to be part of their success.

So what are the types of things a web design company will ask you to evaluate the viability of your website idea?

1. Are people looking for it? One of the things your web designer will ask you is if there is a calling for the product or service you are offering especially if your idea is unique or niche. It’s important to do some research. Have you established that there is a need for your product or service? If so, what sort of volume of people will require your service? Who is the target market? At home mum’s, young people or school leavers, business owners etc. Are you sure your idea is unique or niche, do some thorough research to understand your competitors.

If your idea is not niche and you are in a very competitive industry how are you going to compete? You may be in the same industry or provide the same product or service but there is something that you feel makes your service better and the reason people should buy from you instead of your competitor, you need to be very clear on your value proposition before taking your idea to market.

If you do provide a product or service with a lot of competition this is when having a custom webdesign will really help you to showcase your uniqueness. Make your business stand out from the crowd and use the design to sell your benefits whether that is the cheapest product, highest quality, only business in your industry to supply a certain feature with your product or service etc.

2 .How much will they pay for it? You really need to do your research here; get your price point wrong and your business could fail before it even has a chance to get started! Ask real people what they would pay and make sure they fit in line with the model of your target market. Imagine you are a customer from your target demographic, could you afford the price you are asking? Would you pay the price you are asking? Have you packed enough value into your price in comparison with your competitors? If you feel your competitors are completely off point with their pricing, why and how can you make your pricing more appealing?

3. Is it the right time to launch your idea? Make sure the timing of launching your idea is spot on. For example you wouldn’t want to open a new ice cream store in the middle of winter and the same goes for a website. Pick the right time to take your idea to market, a time when you know your product or service will be most wanted by your potential new clients.

4. How will you get them there? So you have done your research, people are looking for what you have to offer and you have worked out the perfect price point but hang on, how will you get people to know about you and your website? Well there are many ways to work on this and it doesn’t mean you are purely stuck with running a Google adwords campaign or hiring a professional to manage a SEO (Search engine optimisation) campaign for you. E-mail marketing can be a great way to engage with customers. Inviting them to receive notifications from you via a sign up box on your website and it’s also a great tool for continually engaging with existing customers and developing a strong network of repeat clients. Of course there are many other forms of marketing from social platforms through to traditional forms of marketing, PR campaigns etc. Choose the marketing that will appeal to your target demographic.

5. Are you charging enough? Next you need to make sure you the website pays for itself. If your business idea involves a complex website perhaps with a lot of custom development work, maybe your business idea has meant the need to develop a directory website or a custom application has been developed. Will the price point of your product or service enable you to not only pay for the website but also enable you to sustain a solid profit?

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