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Finding and keeping business motivation

Posted 22/October/2014 by vicky

No one said it was going to be easy. With all the highs of business there are of course the low moments. Why is it that you seem to be quieter than your competition, or wishing you had more staff to take some of the load off. There is nothing as satisfying as running your own business and riding the rollercoaster of the highs and lows but sometimes you can find yourself just staring at the computer desperately looking for motivation or some new energy to breathe into your business. Below are some tips on getting motivated and staying that way.

Seriously right it down and it will happen.  Many years ago someone wise said to me write your goals down and watch how quickly you get through them and well I admit it’s magic. If you write down your business goals, you’re to do list or any items you know you have to get to in your business, write them down somewhere visible that is in front of you every day or that you pass every day. Wipe them off as you go and watch how quickly you smash through your goals!

Reflect on progress. Allow yourself the recognition you deserve. Think about where you were when you started and where you are now – taking time to appreciate how far you have come is important to visualise how much further you can grow.

It’s cliché but you are what you surround yourself with.  Surround yourself with positive likeminded business owners or colleagues. Listening to and sharing success stories can be motivation in itself.

Do something new. If you are lacking motivation in your business, take some risks. Try some new tactics. Look at how other businesses have tackled similar issues or processes, can you gain insight or ideas from them. Try new ways of doing business and see how it pans out – you might be surprised!

Venture Outside.  If your business is predominantly based indoors, in your office and at your computer, hit the road. The thought of networking is enough to make many business owners cringe, but why not attend that luncheon or breakfast with likeminded businesses to listen to some positive news and gain inspiration.

Follow success online.  Find someone you think is hugely successful and whose core values and beliefs seem to reflect your own and follow their posts online through mediums like LinkedIn. Perhaps you find Richard Branson motivational or maybe an industry leader in your field.  Following their stories might give you a hint on finding some new ways to do things and change the game plan up a bit.

Remember to turn off. One of the biggest hurdles for business – particularly small businesses that might operate from a home or small office is switching off at the end of the day. Pick your trading hours and stick to them, allow your brain time to enjoy some down time so you can stay fresh and invigorated.

If all else fails…maybe it’s time for that holiday!