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Directory websites, portal websites & membership websites

Posted 31/March/2015 by vicky


Directory websites, portal websites & membership websites - these are the type of websites that many people want to construct but knowing how to prepare and what to prepare for these types of websites is the not easy, especially if this is the first large website project you have developed.

What's involved in a directory website? Essentially, a directory site allows users - normally that pay on a subscription basis, to list their profiles. Depending on the application for the directory site will determine what might go into these profiles. For example, if it’s a real estate portal perhaps an agent has paid a yearly or monthly fee to be able to list all of his properties, has the ability to upload a bio about himself and company along with information on past sales etc. If the directory website is for people to be able to create personal profiles for a dating website for example obviously the profile may be much more involved.

Become the subscriber. To avoid budget blowouts when developing a directory website you need to become a subscriber, put yourself in the place of one of your users that has paid for a “membership” or subscription to your site, you have just logged in, map out exactly what you can now do or what information you can enter on your profile/dashboard. What options did you have to subscribe? Do you pay monthly, bi-annually, annually? Are there discounts or promotions offered on subscriptions for 12 months up front instead of month by month for example. How are payments processed - will you offer paypal, credit card payments etc.? Will a subscriber have the ability to interact with other members on the site, will they have an inbox or messaging system, sms alerts? Yes..there is a lot to consider with a directory website and we've only just touched the surface.

Search and user experience. A successful directory website will be based around the user experience. When a user gets to the site looking for a match to their needs, a clear and easy to use search filtering system should be in place. If you get to the website and its not crystal clear straight away on what to click on in order to get the information the user is looking for you will lose the customer as they continue their search for another website that quickly allows them to find the information they seek.

Project management is key. Project management is very much a part of every website we develop at Neubreed and it’s critical on a site like this. We will sit with you to review the proposed site plan, consider site structure and information design, review content requirements, site navigation and user experience and develop wire frames so a clear blue print of your project is developed far before any design work is carried out.

How you are different. Each and every directory website is unique and offers its own answers to the needs of its users. We work closely with you to understand the unique selling point to your business, understand the questions your business has the answers to and get to clearly understand your target market and demographic so the site is geared towards them.

All budgets. Directory websites can vary in size, needs and of course budgets. We work closely with you to help you to develop an affordable plan to roll out your website. Whether you want to come out of the gates with guns blazing or you are looking for  staged roll out we can help you to plan your directory website.