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Don’t blow your first date

Posted 04/March/2015 by vicky

When a visitor arrives at your website, it’s a bit like a first date. They sum you up and look you over to find out a bit of info from you and decide whether or not you are a fit for what they are looking for. The last thing you want is to give the first impression you are old and outdated.

The look of your website is responsible for selling your business to potential customers. If you haven’t updated your website recently it might be time for some reflection and to look at how your website performs on your behalf.

How do you determine if your website needs a redesign?

  • Is it responsive? We no longer live in a world where everybody is just reviewing your site at their home or office computer, it is becoming more and more crucial that your site is easily viewable on any device whether it be a smart phone tablet, laptop or desktop. Everyone has less time and spends more time using mobile devices to look for products or services these days, and if your users have to scroll and zoom in and out to try and workout if your website offers what they are looking for it won’t be long before they leave your site and head over to your competitors. 
  • If clients are ringing you to ask where to find something. If you find you are often receiving feedback about the site or clients are asking where the information they want is on the site it might be time to improve the user experience for your clients by redesigning the way your site operates.
  • If you have grown. If you operate a successful business the likelihood is that you have grown as a business over time but has your website? Does your website accurately reflect the size of your company, your company values and does it showcase the unique selling proposition of your business?
  • You’re struggling with updates.  A website redesign can also help when you start to have a lot of content and you are struggling to make updates to the website or finding ways of fitting all of the content on the existing site. By redesigning the site you can look at the architecture of the site and the customer path and look at ways of improving that so its easy for you to update your site and for your customers to navigate your site.
  • It loads as quickly as paint dries. Not only does a slow load time on pages affect your SEO it also turns people away before they have even used your site.
  • Your messaging isn’t clear.  If people struggle to understand what product or service you offer they will bounce off the site, is your messaging clear and targeting the right audience?
  • It looks outdated. Enough said.

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