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Why you should care about UX

Posted 26/June/2015 by vicky


As if you needed another acronym to take on board when looking to develop your website..we’ll this one is important. UX which stands for user experience. Seems pretty obvious that you would want your website users to have the best experience on your website - but how do you go about making sure that happens?

Firstly, realise this business of yours, your website, your marketing, everything you are working on is all about the user, sadly you need to forget everything you think you want on the website and the way in which you want people to use the website and realise we need to design for the user, your customers - we are designing a website that allows a user to easily and correctly use the website without ever actually teaching them how to use the website.

Just the way you can have the best looking website in the world but without any marketing no one will ever find it, you can have all the functionality in the world on your website but if a user gets to your site and doesn't know how to use it or how to make an action, what’s the point?

User experience doesn’t just apply to complex websites like marketplace websites or directory websites and applications, UX applies to each and every website where you wish for the user to understand the information being presented, how to make an action on the website and want your user to feel comfortable on the website.  Of course a basic business website vs a membership website will have a completely different strategy for the best user experience, there is not a one size fits all with user experience.

Think about an ecommerce site, if a user gets to an online store and is struggling to find the product, is not sure how to use the navigation or has to go through too many steps just to buy a product - even if that site has the best design in the world, do you think they will use this site now or ever again? No is the likely answer.

It is crucial your web designer understands the importance of the user experience and knows how to work with you and guide you through the right strategy for developing a website that follows your ideas and requirements

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