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Microsites and landing pages

Promotions and important pages

Whether you are launching a new campaign perhaps through Google Adwords or Facebook marketing or if you just want to drive users to a particular area of content, a landing page or micro-site is a great way of doing this and most imortantly being able to track the metrics for it.

Landing pages

If you want to capture users to carry out an action such as download a free ebook, sign up for your newsletter or purchase something that is related to a specific marketing campaign our designers can design a targeted landing page for your campaign.


If you are promoting a new product or offer you might have several pages of content for the user to explore, benefits to showcase, a form to express interest for an early bird special price, feature comparisons etc. All this to be done without the distraction of your usual website so the focus is purely on the product at hand. Our skilled team can develop a micro-site tailored to your promotion, so get in touch today to see how we can help.

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