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User eXperience

Why User eXperience is integral to every project

Having all the functionality in the world in your website might seem like a master stroke, but if a user gets to your site and doesn't know how to use it or how to make an action is where it could fail.

Times have changed and we are no longer just making static 4 page business websites, we are crafting complex, rich digital experiences for our clients. This means the way we treat our website visitors needs to be approached differently. We need to ensure that we focus on our visitor's experience so that their journey through the site is seamless, intuitive, enjoyable and engaging.

User eXperience design is critical to your project, after all, the experience your user has on your site is the experience they have with your business.

Essentially a good user experience and good usability increases the opportunity to convert window shoppers into converted customers.

When we are designing a website we are designing for the user - your customers. If proper consideration of your user isn't pplanned for in the eraly stages your website's development, you may find the end result is a website you love that your customers feel lost in and will likely leave.

How we ensure great User eXperience

We will work closely with stakeholders throughout the design and planning phases as we develop a deep understanding of your audience, demographic and your end goals. Ideally this is done prior to any functional development.

Our project managers involve the creative and development teams to ensure compatability and functional requirements are comprehensively reviewed and included in the wireframes, proposed site plan and designs.

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