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Does your site need some digital surgery?

Posted 09/May/2014 by vicky

So you love your website…but do your users? Does your site have anything that sparkles, moving flags, flash banners or fluro text in different colours and sizes? My friend, it’s time for a redesign!

We all know you only have a few seconds for your users to make a decision about whether your site portrays an image that makes them want to stay on or leave your site. With this in mind below are some reasons your site might be due for some digital surgery.

  1. Outdated Technology. It wasn’t that long ago that “flash banner” was the buzz on everyone’s lips, developers were madly producing fancy flash banners with an array of different effects. Alas along came the increase in people viewing websites on their mobile devices and all of those great flash banners no longer show up for your user to view. One thing that can really put a user off is a site that doesn’t display properly and looks unprofessional.
  2. Mobile Love. With 68% of Australian smart phone users researching products and services on line via their mobile device it’s now more important than ever to make sure your website is responsive (viewable on all mobile devices). Having to scroll left and right and zoom in and out might just be enough for your potential new customer to leave your site and head to the competitor.
  3. Clunky Updating. As your business grows older it will of course evolve and grow, you may add new products or services or new sectors to the entire business. If you find you are bolting on information to your site and its becoming harder and harder to find ways to do so, and editing is a nightmare it’s probably a sign your site needs an overhaul. You may have started with a basic html template and now you have a need for a database driven website with multiple functions, all achievable with a professional redesign.
  4. User Love. You love getting new customers and you want to support them and give them the best experience with your business possible right? So, you need to make sure your site holds up its end of the bargain. Your customers want to come to your site and get the info they are looking for straight away so having a website redesign can ensure a user friendly and centered design helping you to gain more customers!
  5. Be Good Looking. The most obvious reason for a redesign is you want to be good looking to your customers both new and existing. If they are presented with a beautiful website that flows naturally and is easy to navigate they are more likely to buy from you and refer others to you too!