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Posted 11/June/2015 by vicky

 By now if you are an established business the likelihood is you have had a website up and running for a while now and it does its job..doesn’t it? Well in fact, when was the last time you looked at the information your site provides and the information clients request from you? When was the last time you viewed your site on a mobile device? When was the last time you checked your site against your every emerging competitors??

Posted 24/June/2014 by vicky

Quite often when I talk to people about developing a website for their business, especially if it’s their first website, the first thing they ask is, how does it all work? What’s the process…well folks here’s how we do it at Neubreed!

Meet, Greet, Brief!

First things first..time for a chat. Like most businesses serious about building long term partnerships with their clients, we always prefer when possible to meet you face to face and love for you to come to the office and meet the team.

Posted 13/May/2014 by vicky

We all know that now days for a business to succeed you have to be online, but what do you need in order to be prepared and have a smooth website delivery? No one wants any surprises, you want to be educated in everything you will need to develop your site from start to finish.

We have put together a checklist for you so you can be prepared to be an online warrior!

Posted 09/May/2014 by vicky

So you love your website…but do your users? Does your site have anything that sparkles, moving flags, flash banners or fluro text in different colours and sizes? My friend, it’s time for a redesign!

We all know you only have a few seconds for your users to make a decision about whether your site portrays an image that makes them want to stay on or leave your site. With this in mind below are some reasons your site might be due for some digital surgery.

Posted 20/June/2010 by neubreed

A professional web design is essential to your online success. This is particularly true for businesses. As there are many software programs, tutorials, and do-it-yourself websites available across the internet, nothing can match up to to a professional web design, for so many different reasons.

Here, we are going to demonstrate the top four benefits of having a professional website design and why no business should take a chance on anything but professionalism.

Posted 20/June/2010 by neubreed

How? Here it is...

1. Put together a concept. Imagine what you would like you're yet to become website to be. What target audience will you accommodate for? Everything you do must benefit in their fulfilment. Prospects will be stopping by to get what they require. Be certain that their needs are fulfilled and they come back for more. Not only that, they can suggest your website to other people if they find it of value.