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Posted 08/July/2014 by vicky

Having a website without a logo is essentially like sending your business out there naked, no identity, no defining characteristics and nothing that sends the message to your customers about your services.

Having a website with nothing but your business name up the top and no efforts put into your branding basically sends a clear message to your clients that you either don’t have time to spend on your business, don’t have money to invest in your business or you just don’t take pride in your business. Either way the message being portrayed is not the one you want!

Our logo designer’s here at Neubreed go beyond graphic design, we work with you to understand the message you are trying to convey and where your place is in the market.  We learn how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, who your audience is and we build the bridge between your ideas and wishes and the target audience and what they will respond to.

You take pride in your appearance when you meet your clients because you know first impressions last and the same goes for you website and branding.

Our graphic designer’s don’t just design your logo but rather we offer a comprehensive branding package covering everything from the logo design, html email signature, business cards, newsletter design, flyers and brochures and more.

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