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Posted 19/March/2015 by vicky

Trying to explain to a web designer what you want designed when you don’t really know what you want designed can be a little, well… hard!

Any web design company can claim to have the best web and graphic designers but theres more to the art of getting as close to your clients vision with the first round of concepts than meets the eye.

Posted 05/February/2015 by vicky

Why your website isn’t converting

There’s nothing worse than investing in a website that you love but yet doesn’t convert. The truth is your clients won’t actually tell you what they want or what they can’t use on your site they just leave. So how do you make sure your site is appealing and engaging to users?

Posted 07/January/2015 by vicky

There is nothing greater for both you and the designer alike when you brief your graphic designer and the first thing you see from them reflects your ideas perfectly! So what is the trick? How do you make sure your ideas get translated to the designer and into a wonderful design?

Posted 21/July/2014 by vicky

Picking the right platform for your ecommerce website is without a doubt a crucial decision. There is nothing worse than spending months and months on developing your online store to realise 6 months down the track your website is not scalable and won’t allow you to implement the functionality you need. An e-commerce site is a big deal, you are essentially relying on your website to deliver your income stream, for many shop owners they are 100% online so the website has to work seamlessly.

Posted 26/June/2014 by vicky

Sure we design beautiful websites, can handle all of your custom web development projects not to mention designing all of your branding material but did you know Neubreed handles all your other digital dilemmas too?

It’s true our focus is on custom web design and drupal development  but Neubreed also offers a range of services to ensure we have your business covered and supported from start to finish.

Our range of services includes;

Posted 04/September/2013 by neubreed

It's not uncommon for us to receive design files and artwork from traditionally trained Graphic Designers who don't have the experience of building a functional website. One of the issues we find with web pages designed by graphic designers is the consideration of various devices that the site will be view on.

This article attempts to bridge the gap between the graphic designer's approach and the recent changes in online viewing habits.