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Getting it right the first time

Posted 19/March/2015 by vicky

Trying to explain to a web designer what you want designed when you don’t really know what you want designed can be a little, well… hard!

Any web design company can claim to have the best web and graphic designers but theres more to the art of getting as close to your clients vision with the first round of concepts than meets the eye.

At Neubreed we have a habit of hitting the design on the head the first time and the reason for this is we have strict set of guidelines we follow before you as the client will ever see the design.

Before the brief is the meet and greet. At Neubreed we try on each and every occasion or at least whenever possible, to make sure we meet face to face with our clients. This discovery session allows us to not only meet you and understand your business but we get to engage in conversation that allows us insight into your personality, the personality of your business, understand the type of clients you look to attract and this allows us to walk away and ignite your personality into the design work we do.

Next is revision of the brief. After the meet and greet we supply you with a creative brief to fill out and return. The importance of the brief is for you to provide any additional information that was not discussed at the meeting or if a meeting was not possible. The brief is a record for both parties so we all understand the task at hand. The brief also allows you a moment to really consider all of the elements that are crucial to your project.

Competitive analysis and understanding the market. In order for your designer to product the best design for your business they need to understand the market, who your competitors are, what others are doing, how your business differs, is better, your competitive advantage etc.  We make sure this is all covered and we have a clear understanding of how your project helps the end user, and what sort of client your business needs to attract.

Design concepts. Next is the exciting part when the web designers start to prepare their vision for your website. Your project manager (PM) spends time detailing and briefing  the web designer on everything that has been discussed and the PM and designer review the brief together in detail. The designer goes to work and presents the work to the PM.

The discussion. Once the web designer has developed the first concept for the design it is taken back to the PM, the PM, the head designer and web designer have a detailed chat. The design is pulled apart down to the last pixel to ensure absolute quality is presented to the client. A discussion is entered between all 3 regarding how the design reflects the business to its customers, how it will appeal to the end user and how accurately it follows the guidelines from the creative brief.

A review of all notes and the brief are reviewed alongside the design, after some more refinements the design again returns back to the PM and head designer and only then when its is approved is it sent you, our client.

We are set of truly passionate designers and getting it right the first time has been a constant for Neubred since the start when we begun in 2000.

If you are suffering from sloppy design and need the help of a meticulous bunch of designers and developers, give us a call today on 1300 858 495 to see how we can help!