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Posted 18/June/2015 by vicky

Let’s face it running a business is no easy feat, there are so many things that need your attention but if you're working in your business when will you get time to work on your business? It may be worth considering the benefits of a business consultant to help you launch your business or assist with improving processes in your existing business model.

When can you benefit from using a business consultant?

Posted 20/May/2015 by vicky


“I’m creative I can build a website”.

Entrepreneurs are great at developing innovative business ideas, being the drivers behind great companies and changing the way we use products and services. Being creative is normally a given with entrepreneurs, however unfortunately there is a lot more going on than being a creative mind when it comes to good web design.

Posted 19/March/2015 by vicky

Trying to explain to a web designer what you want designed when you don’t really know what you want designed can be a little, well… hard!

Any web design company can claim to have the best web and graphic designers but theres more to the art of getting as close to your clients vision with the first round of concepts than meets the eye.

Posted 04/March/2015 by vicky

At Neubreed we are passionate and lively bunch and we always prefer to do business face to face, there’s something unique that comes from a face to face meeting as opposed to dealing strictly online. However meeting all our clients face to face is not always possible.

Posted 05/February/2015 by vicky

If you talk to any webdesign company about a website the likelihood is that they will talk to you about giving you a website that is set up on a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or Drupal.  Some agencies also offer the option for you to have a managed website so that the web design company maintains the website for you normally paid for on a retainer basis.

Posted 05/February/2015 by vicky

Why your website isn’t converting

There’s nothing worse than investing in a website that you love but yet doesn’t convert. The truth is your clients won’t actually tell you what they want or what they can’t use on your site they just leave. So how do you make sure your site is appealing and engaging to users?

Posted 07/January/2015 by vicky

There is nothing greater for both you and the designer alike when you brief your graphic designer and the first thing you see from them reflects your ideas perfectly! So what is the trick? How do you make sure your ideas get translated to the designer and into a wonderful design?

Posted 05/December/2014 by vicky

Your site is launched!!

Your web developer has just told you the great news – your website is about to get deployed! All of the effort and all of your ideas can finally be shown to everyone and you can sit back and let the website do the work for you..right? Well…the reality about your website going live is that now your work begins. In this post we talk about website life post launch, what things you need to consider and prepare for.

Posted 16/October/2014 by vicky

If you have been in business for a while and still haven’t made the leap to taking your business online you may be wandering why you should start now? What will a website really do for your business? Maybe most of your work is referral base and word of mouth? Below we address 10 benefits of having a presence online for your business.

Posted 09/October/2014 by vicky

Building a website seems like a pretty straight forward process so you may be wandering why websites take so long, and in fact what we are doing while you wait?

Let’s break this down step by step.

1. Firstly the most important part of the whole process – planning.