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Posted 09/October/2014 by vicky

Building a website seems like a pretty straight forward process so you may be wandering why websites take so long, and in fact what we are doing while you wait?

Let’s break this down step by step.

1. Firstly the most important part of the whole process – planning.

Posted 23/September/2014 by vicky

One of the main types of websites we get asked about here at Neubreed are directory websites. Think Car Sales, Domain, Real Estate.com etc

A big shock for many clients is finding out no matter which web design agency they decide to go with is that these sites are not cheap to develop, but why?

To begin let’s address what’s involved with developing a directory site. Let’s say for example you want to create a business directory website.  

Posted 03/September/2014 by vicky

Starting a business website or redesigning an existing business website seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but in order to make sure you build a successful website we have below a checklist for you to make sure you have the basics covered

Posted 12/August/2014 by vicky

Web development is no easy task, it involves your web designers and developers having a great understanding of your business, your goals short term and long term for the site, what its purpose is, who will be viewing your site and how and how the website will generate income for you; whether it be via brand awareness or selling online with a stunning ecommerce website.