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Posted 12/August/2014 by vicky

Web development is no easy task, it involves your web designers and developers having a great understanding of your business, your goals short term and long term for the site, what its purpose is, who will be viewing your site and how and how the website will generate income for you; whether it be via brand awareness or selling online with a stunning ecommerce website.

With all this said to gain this kind of knowledge about your business your web developer needs to physically interact with you and engage in a meaningful conversation with you to understand your vision and needs.

The human interaction we have with our clients is what makes the difference at Neubreed.  When we take on a new website for a client we don’t see it as building a website, we see it as building a business in partnership with our clients.  

Our clients love that they can come to our studio in North Sydney, see their web design concepts on the big screen, have a chat about their vision and scribble notes down as we chat through the design and amendments we can make etc.  After all, how can a web designer build a website for someone they have never had the chance to have a meaningful conversation with? So much can be said via email and phone conversations but the magic happens when our clients come in and have a chance to really express the goals and ideas for the website project.

As a bricks and mortar company we are not hiding behind any technology walls here, we are people that enjoy engaging with our partners. If you are sick of trying to explain your ideas to someone over 50 emails and feel they still don’t understand, come and chat to our web developers here in Sydney and lets chat about your requirements.

Whether you need a basic business website designed, an ecommerce website built or need to restructure your corporate image we can help with it all.

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