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CMS vs managed website?

Posted 05/February/2015 by vicky

If you talk to any webdesign company about a website the likelihood is that they will talk to you about giving you a website that is set up on a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or Drupal.  Some agencies also offer the option for you to have a managed website so that the web design company maintains the website for you normally paid for on a retainer basis.

So what are the benefits of a CMS vs a managed website? The idea behind having a content management system is that is gives you the ability to modify and edit your website content, add new pages etc.   This of course is a great option to manage your website, however, the problem especially in small businesses is always time. Not enough of it, it goes too fast and you need more of it!

Learning how to edit and modify your site via wordpress or drupal or any other CMS does take time to learn, and you continue to have to learn as your business evolves and you start to realise that you want to do different things with your website to provide the best user experience to your customers.

So the benefit of a CMS is flexibility but the down side is your time isn’t free, the time you spend on learning how to edit your site and the time doing those edits could most likely be spent in a more productive way on your business.

If on the flip side you know you are going to want to do regular updates and you are time poor then a managed website could be the way to go. Knowing that you simply pay a monthly fee to your web design company and you can send a list of things to be done and they will be managed can give you piece of mind.  It also lets you allocate your time to managing the tasks that need to be carried out on the website rather than doing the tasks yourself.

Another benefit for going with a managed services is you know that the work is being carried out by professional web designers and web developers so you know the work will be thoroughly tested and will look professional.

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