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Simple steps to getting it right with ecommerce

Posted 05/June/2014 by vicky

1. Show the people you’re famous and loved! If you have a great social presence don’t be afraid to show it off on your ecommerce website. It’s been proven time and time again that people love using a product or service that has been referred to them by other happy customers and social marketing is a great way to showcase your solid customer base and positive feedback from existing customers.

2. Create urgency. Display your stock levels on your product. E.g “3 left”. If someone is looking at your products and not sure if they should take the leap, if time is ticking away and you only have a few in stock this creates a sense of urgency and can be enough to push a potential customer over the line.

3. Don’t over engineer. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out how to get to the product you are looking for. Don’t over complicate the navigation. Remember your potential clients may have never been to your store or may never have heard about you before, once they find you direct them to the products straight away!

4. Make spending money easy! Probably one of the biggest mistakes ecommerce websites make is a complicated checkout.  Harvey Norman is a great example of an easy to use checkout system, free from distraction, quick and effective. Make sure your checkout is easy and fast.

5. Address the right target market. If you sell fashion for teen girls then designing with vibrant design and interactive icons can work to your advantage, however if your target market is the older generations remember they may find navigating a hip new website overwhelming and this will result in them leaving your site. Ensure your design takes into consideration the end user and how easily they will be able to respond to using your website. 

6. Everyone loves a deal. Invite your customers back through newsletter sign up's.  Possibly offer a deal on a return shop with a % discount. 

7. Don't interrup the shopping experience. Inviting your customers to join up to a newsletter can be a great way to increase your chances for repeat sales, however annoying pop up boxes everytime you are trying to look at products can turn a customer right away