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Does your website...

Posted 08/July/2014 by vicky

It’s always good to give your website a quick health check if it has been sitting pretty for a while. If you have a site that is a few years old it may still look amazing but does it still clearly convey your core messages? 

  1. Speed. A website needs to look the business but it’s not worth losing a client over slow load times to load your site with beautiful imagery. There are plenty of free tools to test your website speed like https://www.webpagetest.org/
  2. We’ve got it!  As soon as someone sees your page it should scream out the product or service you offer. Tell them straight away don’t leave them guessing. 
  3. Ring us. Make it crystal clear without any scrolling or swiping how to contact you – no need for secrets – they want to talk to you!
  4. Prove it. Customers use your website to evaluate your business and the product or service you provide. A professional custom website will start to give the customer confidence to purchase from you but show them proof. Provide testimonials or case studies or even data proving your capabilities.
  5. Trust. Allow the customer that has never used you before to feel you are a trustworthy business. Display any trust marks, display the logos of any industry organisations you are a part of, display awards and partnerships you have made with bigger organisations.
  6. Showcase. As part of building trust, show customers big names you have worked with before. Customers like to know you have been enlisted by big names in the industry, it invokes a sense of –‘ if they worked with x company, they must be good at what they do!’
  7. Consistency. Make sure you are consistent with your branding. Not just your logo but your corporate colours. Keep all of your online colours and branding consistent with your offline branding too.
  8. The story. Write for humans, not Google. Keep it not too short, not too long. If your website is engaging, customers will hang around to read through your website. Let them know about you, how long you’ve been around, what your capabilities are, why they should choose you.  If you find you are too attached to your business to know how to write effectively, chat to us about our copywriting services.
  9. Location. Tell them where you are! There is nothing worse than having a qualified lead for your service only to find out you are miles away from each other!
  10. Invite them. Email marketing is an extremely effective way of driving leads to your business, but make sure you invite people to tell you they want to be marketed to! Off era “subscribe to our newsletter” feature on your website.

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