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Why SHOULD YOU bother with a custom WEBSITE DESIGN?

Posted 04/July/2014 by vicky

In a day and age where templates are readily available and free website making tools are all around you, why on earth bother with going to an agency to have a bespoke website produced?

The answer to this is easy – you love your business and you’re passionate about it and you want to attract the very best clients who will tell their friends and colleagues about you, right?

A website design that quite clearly has been crafted around your business, not a template that has been altered to represent your company branding  sends the message to your customers that you take your business not only seriously but personally.

We all know first impressions are everything whether it be face to face or online. You wouldn’t go to a meeting wearing board shorts and thongs so why would you represent your business online with a template that tells your customers you haven’t made an investment in your online image?

Let’s face it we all want to succeed with our businesses that’s why we are in business.   Imagine if you walked into a Louis Vuitton store and they had tatty carpet on the floor and dirty walls, would you pay a premium price for their merchandise? Of course not, and the same goes with the way your website design will predict the clientele attracted to you. If you look like a million dollars online you can command premium clients for your premium service!

Having said all of this, of course a website is not all about the design but about the functionality and ease of use for your customers.

Whilst you might feel a template site is good enough to portray your corporate image, what happens when you want to create a database you can use for your email marketing campaigns? What about if you would like a custom CRM integrated with your website?

If you have a template site this means leaving that behind and paying all over again to have the site redeveloped with a developer who will custom design your site with the functionality you require.

A custom designed website may cost you more initially but in the long run it pays for itself far more than a template site as it allows you to bolt on any custom applications you wish to develop.