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Google takes mobile usability issues seriously and you should too

Posted 23/March/2015 by vicky


We’ve all heard all the talk about mobile friendly and responsive design and how you need it so you don’t frustrate the 30% + of your customers searching for your product or service on their mobile device.  You may have contemplated contacting your web designer again to get on board with responsive design but its on that list of things to do..tomorrow…

Well, the reality is it looks like Google might sway you to make that decision sooner as SEO experts are speculating that this step is part of a greater plan to initiate launching a mobile ranking algorithm.

What does that mean for you?

If your site isn’t mobile friendly you may have already received a notification from Google telling you that your pages have critical mobile usability errors.  This means the pages within your site are not seen as mobile friendly in the Google search and will thus be displayed and ranked for smartphone users. If your site isn't mobile friendly and you haven't received this notification, you soon will.

Although no confirmation has come from Google that this is the case..yet..this is a sign of things to come from Google regarding mobile usability so rather than wait until its too late and you get left behind on Google searches, maybe its time to engage a web designer to ensure your site is responsive and offers a pleasant user experience for your customers.

At Neubreed each and every site we build is responsive so our developers have the experience and skills to take your website and ensure it doesn’t pose a chance of not getting ranked on Google searches.

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