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Why you need a consultant more than a web developer

Posted 02/June/2015 by vicky


You're an entrepreneur and have a serious idea that you know to gain traction needs to get launched online. So step 1. talk to a web developer or two and get a quote for your project. Yes this is the path we all take, idea, quote, go ahead get the site built. In fact this is not all you need, one of the biggest parts of launching online is not just talking about the website design and how you are going to take the business to market although this of course is critical, before all of that you need a consultant to your business not just a developer who says tell me what you want and I’ll give you a price to build it.

Consultation first. At Neubreed we know the success to an online business is using our experience to consult with our clients and make sure they realise the path ahead. It’s so easy to get taken by the bright lights of the internet and see that there are some amazing online businesses out there with truly impressive websites and to want to incorporate these into your online presence. The hardest part is taking a step back and that’s what we do with our clients.

Firstly we ask the questions, explain your business to us and explain why you need the site to be as complex as you envisage. Will this benefit customers? Will your target market understand how to use the website? How will you make money from your website? What is the goal of the website, is it to sell product, increase enquiries, increase brand awareness?

Features. Why do you want that feature? Sure it looks great and it’s interactive but if a feature adds several thousand dollars to a project have you weighed up the return on investment? Does the feature replace a job currently being carried out by admin staff? How will this automate systems? Does the cost of the feature mean you save on staff wages currently carrying out the task? Will this benefit clients or just be of internal benefit?

Next we work out what is really needed. Once we understand your business and what is needed and why we can provide honest advice on the best strategy for the website development. We may see that in your business model you have asked for functionality that will be of no real benefit to your business or your clients, we will talk through this with you. We will discuss that there is no benefit or return on investment and if it’s something you feel is still needed but budget is an issue we can source off the shelf solutions. We won’t just say yes to building something if we feel it will put you backwards, we will give you honest advice and talk through all options, existing off the shelf and custom.

At Neubreed we are proud of our relationships with our clients and this is because we do consult with each client to make sure they are guaranteed the best possible chance for success and have the right product developed. If you need some help talking through your project, give us a call today to chat through your options on 1300 858 495