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windows 7

Posted 07/August/2010 by neubreed

Drupal's multi-site feature needs symbolic links to point to the directory where Drupal's core code resides.

There's a tool installed within Windows 7 that allows the creation of a symbolic link, called MKLINK.EXE. It works in a similar fashion to ln under linux. Here is an example of how to use it:

c:\> mklink /J c:\drupal\sites\neubreed.com.au c:\mysites\neubreed

This will create an invisible "shortcut" or fake directory "neubreed.com.au" in c:\drupal\sites\ that magically points to c:\mysites\neubreed

Posted 10/March/2010 by neubreed

Some applications such as Google updater will run throughout the day and night periodically, checking for software updates and the like.

If Windows 7's "Allow wake up timers" are enabled then your laptop will wake from it's slumber for any scheduled tasks such as software update checkers etc.

The Dell default power plan "Dell recommended" seems to have wake up timers enabled by default :P

Here's how to disable it: