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Target the right companies to get a quote that fits

Posted 23/April/2015 by vicky

 No one likes getting quotes, you have to tell a bunch of web design companies the same thing over and over and then you receive a handful of quotations back and they are all the same yet they are different yet...they are all full of tech talk and they are priced so differently!!

So how do you make sure you are getting the right quote for your project? The trick to ensuring you get the right quote is first ensuring you shortlist the right type of web design companies that will fit your project and requirements. Afterall, if you only have a budget of $1500 for a landing page there is no point going to an exclusive digital agency that produces large enterprise solutions.

Work out who you are first - are you the small guy with a start-up looking for a basic 5 page website or the medium to large business looking for custom functionality, maybe you require a directory website.

If your the small guy, how small are you? Do you just need a landing page to capture email addresses, do you require a basic business website with a few pages and perhaps a blog or do you require a completely custom business website with multiple different page design layouts, complex forms etc.

Now you have established who you are, you can hone in on the right type of web design companies to help you. Research the companies, ask them questions about the type of projects they take on. Chat to them about their price guides for projects to ensure they are in line with your allocated budget for the project.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of companies talk to the web designers about what they would suggest your site might need to incorporate to be successful online. You will find after talking to say 3 companies you have selected that between the list of features you had already and suggestions made by them you now have a detailed list you can compile into a brief.

Now submit this brief to the 3 companies and ask them to quote for exactly what you have listed.If they have listened well and have had a detailed chat to you prior to receiving the brief the quotes should be pretty similar. Now you have comparable quotes from comparable companies your job should be a lot easier!

In summary, work out firstly how big your project is and what you think needs to go into it. Next research companies that are a fit for your project only and obtain quotes from them - no point just sending an email out to 20 web design companies and hoping for the best, the results will be too overwhelming, lastly review your quotes and ensure they have covered everything off - if there are things missing that others have included it may mean they don't understand the task at hand.

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