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Posted 10/June/2015 by vicky


There’s nothing fun about having to ring around for quotes except for the fact you know that this leads to your business being launched online. To get you started before you pull your hair out here is a quick start guide to help you prepare the information you will need to get quotes.

Firstly the planning, top 10 questions you will be asked by web design companies to get a quote

  1. What is your business, what is the purpose of the project, explain the business in detail

Posted 15/July/2014 by vicky

So you have made your short list, you have comparable quotes for your website project. Or do you?

How is it possible to compare quotes with 3 different web design companies that seem to offer the same product yet have completely different price points? How can all these website companies be offering “custom web design” at such different pricing? Below is a guide to help you differentiate between the quotes.

Posted 26/June/2014 by vicky

Let’s face it, there’s just too many of us (web designers) out there! There are web designers, web developers, freelancers, web design companies, digital agencies and then there’s outsourcing overseas.

I will be honest, I don’t envy you if you are looking for a web designer, the choices are endless and it takes some planning to work out which option will be best for your project not only now but most importantly in the long haul.